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Understanding Métis people, governance structures, and self-determined priorities remains an ongoing challenge for many within Canada’s corporate sector. Respectful engagement and collaborative win-win relationship building can be entirely new challenges altogether.

Advocate can help corporations and non-profits in any sector deepen their distinctions-based learning and relationships with Métis people, communities, and businesses.

From distinctions-based training to strategic planning, project management and ongoing advisory services, Advocate has the solutions and supports you need to meet your Métis-related ESG or CSR objectives and advance reconciliation with Métis in meaningful ways.



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Métis 1-0-Fiddle-N-Fun


Why just learn about Métis people and culture when you can experience it? Renowned Métis educator, Paul Robitaille, and Métis fiddle master, Alex Kusturok, have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind Métis Training Experience ready for your office, community, or classroom.

This live half-day session weaves Advocate Strategies’ leading distinctions-based Métis awareness training with the unique sound and stories of the Métis fiddle, bringing learning to life in a way that participants of all ages and backgrounds will not just understand, but truly
feel. Métis fiddle music is all about having fun together—learning should be too!

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