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Métis Business

Métis prosperity means growing strong and resilient Métis businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Advocate Strategies is amplifying Métis businesses through a growing range of tools and services that make it fun, easy and affordable to Shop Métis!

Shop Métis

Shop Métis is a fun, free and interactive tool that’s making it easy for consumers to Shop Métis for all their wants and needs, with just a few simple clicks.


Visit Shop Métis to find exclusive discounts,  discover Métis businesses, or list your own today!

Digital Presence and Website Enhancement

From new website builds to ecommerce integration to search engine optimization, Advocate can help your Métis small business grow its online presence to reach new markets and customers.

Advocate’s flexible pricing and free grant writing services are designed to help even the smallest Métis businesses attain the personalized supports they need to grow and succeed.

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