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Advocate Strategies

Promoting Métis Awareness, Prosperity, and Relationship Building


We are proud to offer a growing suite of distinctions-based services, resources, and supports for individuals and organizations of all backgrounds who want to deepen their learning and build respectful relationships with Métis citizens, communities, governments, and businesses.

Corporate Training & Advisory

Public Awareness & Education

Métis Business Amplification

Métis Community Development

Métis 1-0-Fiddle-N-Fun

Why just learn about Métis people and culture when you can experience it? Renowned Métis educator, Paul Robitaille, and Métis fiddle master, Alex Kusturok, have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind Métis Training Experience ready for your office, community, or classroom.

This live half-day session weaves Advocate Strategies’ leading distinctions-based Métis awareness training with the unique sound and stories of the Métis fiddle, bringing learning to life in a way that participants of all ages and backgrounds will not just understand, but truly feel. Métis fiddle music is all about having fun together—learning should be too!

Métis Monthly

Our curated monthly roll-up of the Métis voices, news, and stories that you need to hear!


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